4 More Weeks of Water Season

Updated: Jan 15, 2019


Water season in Chinese medicine bookended by 2 eclipses 🎉

Welcome new moon in Capricorn with a partial solar eclipse. New Moons support your goals by giving you extra power for fresh starts & new beginnings.

Time to finish setting your intentions for the New Year!

Focus on the North direction/sector, connected to Water element, of your home or office and make sure “clutter out & tidy with intension in”. Consider a vision board placed there with 3-4 transformations you want to see.


Water element, associated to colors Black & Navy, are not recommended for bathrooms or places where water is. Instead Greens & Light blues associated to the element Wood to give the existing water something to do.

A full Lunar eclipse in Leo, ‘Super Blood Wolf moon’, happens on January 20th helping you end those old beliefs and habits that don’t serve you creating space for your above intensions to come forth. Chinese New Year and Wood season begins February 5th, 2019.

Speaking of New Beginnings...🥰

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Happy New Year

Love & Light

Jacqui Pepper


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