"After Dinner I Went Over to the Band and Asked If I Could Sing with Them...”

Updated: May 6

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May 9th & 10th - Traveling from Udaipur, via Mumbai, To Goa

May 9th, 1999

One day only in Mumbai and it wasn’t even a full day! We drove around in a taxi looking around and stopped at a few sites before heading to our hotel. We are sleeping in a depressing old hotel in Bombay, Mumbai, for one night as we make our way to Goa to study with Shashikala Ananth. We are now spoiled after staying at the Trident in Udaipur so most pale in comparison. Our trip got skewed (one of my favorite words) when we got stuck in the floods of Guilin and had to be rescued by the Army so ever since then we are off by a day. There were no plans to sleep here but now we are which means a bit less time in Goa. My last week with the study tour until I travel solo back to Delhi and then Agra for the Taj Mahal.

Suzanne, my roommate and friend, is trying to make me laugh!

May 10th, 1999

Woke up and the group went to the airport to grab our plane to Goa. The last leg of the

Five Week study tour :O … I can’t believe it’s almost over. I traveled a week by myself before I met up with the group and I will do the same here in India when the group ends.

I sat next to a really, nice man from Goa who I told about our group and the feng shui tour and how it’s been going. He talked about Goa and India and the differences and similarities between America and India. It was a nice transition to Goa it changed the negative feelings I was having with the group ending and the last hotel we were in and all the moving around. We got to the Majorda Beach Resort in Goa and Suzanne and I checked in, quickly put our bathing suits on and went to the beach! No one was around and the sand was blowing on us, so we moved to the pool. It was about 4pm by the time we laid down. I listened to music of course and Suzanne read a book. We came back to the room around 5:45pm and dinner was at 7:30pm. We showered and I wrote some postcards then we were ready for dinner. Majorda is nice but the trip is starting to feel long now. I’m starting to feel ready to get home but have about 2 more weeks to go. The saving grace is yoga and Vaastu classes all this week with Shashi. She is encompassing us with the entire culture as we study Vaastu as it’s a way of being as much as something you can study and learn.

We went down to dinner which was outside by the pool even though the sun had set it was quite warm and very humid but lovely non-the-less. Suzanne, Helene, Trudy, Ron and I sat together. A band was setting up as we arrived. Later during dinner people were suggesting I get up and sing which I said I would later after dinner. Dinner was good…after I ate, I went over to the band and talked to them and told them I wanted to sing with them if I could. They were very gracious and backed me on about 3 songs. By now everyone was up and dancing and having fun. It was a great night to let off steam after being cooped up in a bus in Tibet and moved around so much prior to Udaipur. Suzanne and I came back to the room around 10:30pm. I called my parents to let them know where I was and then wrote in my journal.


Here we begin our intensive 6 days (now 5) training with Shahikala Ananth learning all about the Indian culture and specifically Vaastu each day. In the evenings and time off we can enjoy the beach and atmosphere of this famous retreat town. Mesmeric sunsets, good food and climate make it a popular spot to unwind and enjoy the pleasures of life.

Goa’s 450 years under Portuguese domination produced a unique exotic blend of eastern and western cultures.

Teacher Shashikala Ananth

Holds a degree in architecture and has spent the last 20 years (20+ years ago now) combining traditional methods with indigenous materials and vernacular building styles. Shashikala has undertaken intense theoretical study of the Vaastu texts and has worked with traditional artisan communities. In 1999 she was working on different projects where the wisdom of the Vaastu Shastras is incorporated into the modern dwellings. Shashikala was one of the most popular teachers with the 1998 study tour group. From May 10-15th in Goa, we will be learning from her about the astrological system of proportional measurements used in traditional design principles, along with ancient techniques and cures for space clearing.

Excerpts from Goa & Shashikala above taken from study tour brochure.

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