Find A Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

My Son is My Hero

My name is Xander Pepper. I’m 7 years old and live everyday checking my blood by finger prick, which I can now do myself, and get at least 5 shots of insulin a day, my parents help me. Even though our family lived a holistic approach to life prior ... I still got diabetes. It’s an autoimmune disease I got after being sick with a virus in Spring of 2017. My body attacked its own pancreas effecting how I process insulin and keep my glucose levels balanced. Eating well, exercising and reduced stress support me, however, today the food and environment are polluted with toxins my little body can’t flush on its own.

Our family still believes the body is amazing and can heal itself if you introduce balance on many levels especially with kids. We know a cure is out there. Awareness is key. Thanks for helping me celebrate my 3rd year living with Diabetes in the hopes that other kids won’t have too.

Love Xander

As parents we are so proud of this guy and his twin brother too. It effects all of us as a family and we know how brave you have to be to get shots and finger pricks. I couldn’t do it and it hurts me when I have to with him. To all the families out there living with diabetes we salute you.

These kids are brave beyond belief and true heros!

The Pepper Family


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