Friendship Highway ‘The most scenic route I’ve ever been on...‘

April 28th Wednesday Early – Lhasa, Tibet leaving for Friendship Highway

Mom got off OK and I was off for my journey MILES away from home and any type of phone or computer for that matter. The Friendship Highway, click on slide show below

One of the most scenic and beautiful routes I’ve ever been on was a really rough trip with up to 10 hours a day in a bus for 5 days. Sorry Tibet but shit food to eat, I had a hard boiled egg and an apple everyday and if I was brave the Yak Jerky they gave us, most days it was brown bagged.

The accommodations were horrible mostly cold nights with no heat or running water. I was glad my mom had flown home because in the condition she was in that trip would have been impossible for her. I knock wood I didn’t really get affected at all by the altitude other than a headache for a few hours at the highest pass we traveled. Lhasa was great and the other big city we went to the following day and the energy in the mountains and at the lakes was wonderful BUT all in all it was very trying and a hard trip. Between the dry, dusty, almost barren elements in the day and cold, not very comfortable conditions at night, the trip was trying. By the 4th day on the road I started to feel uneasy and had cabin fever from being on the bus for so long. We would encourage the driver to stop often and I busied myself by doing yoga posses at the different peak stops along the way. My class notes which we were studying at each stop became harder to journal because I cannot write or read in a moving bus on the edge of a cliff over looking sheer drops with no form of safety barriers.

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