"Fullness, Poornam, is accomplished when all levels of Consciousness are received in Conjunction."

May 15th, 1999 – Goa with Teacher Sashikala Ananth studying Vastu Shastra

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May 15th, 1999

Gee it’s our last day of the trip … Last night the 14th we walked up the beach to a great restaurant right on the beach. There were 15 of us…We had a great time walking there and watching the sunset as the sun fell to the Earth. There was a great breeze and the warm sand under our feet. We were all taking pictures in various groups and ways so we could all treasure this moment and the trip and what it meant to all of us who completely the entire 3 parts together. I had the Lobster grilled with garlic butter. It was a wonderful evening. We treated Sashikala and Ahaliya to dinner it was their last night here. They leave this evening. We loved her energy and her teachings as she literally ate, breathed and slept the wisdom and beliefs of Vastu and its entire culture and way of being…a life-style. Then we walked back in the dark with beach crabs crawling all over the sand with not many flashlights if any. Suzanne and I were screaming at some points and then roaring with laughter about the whole thing.

We all met in the bar here at the hotel to have a meeting for “Global Design Network” – A company Sashikala wants to start with all of us from the trip. To share ideas, information, and brainstorm with like minded people from around the globe. It was nice. We will all keep in touch via computer. I have to get email when I get home. (yes, that’s right, email and I didn’t have a cell phone then either 😉

PS I googled Global Design Network and it does exist since 2005 but I don’t believe it was by my teacher…we all kept in touch for a while but without things like Social Media back then to make it easier, I have lost touch with most of the group including my friend Suzanne.

Class Notes - Vaastu Shastra – Teacher Sashikala Ananth

Anchors of Indian Logic –

Yoga – Ayurveda – Vastu

  1. Personal serenity (healer)

Mind (disturbed) & Body (patient)

  1. Inward Harmony

Order in an outward form creates order in an inward form

A drawing in my notes shows a Triangle with Philosophy/Belief System at top

Integrity of Self at lower left corner

Accountability to System/People

Cooking is such an intimate way to offer nurturing to other people. Never let go of cooking – cooking is like Yoga…A meditative process

Create in your day, each day, a time to have time, space & energy come together – that’s the celebration of life with all the senses open.

Like a flower looking at the sun, STAY OPEN!

Order or Discipline = Sadhana

Fullness = Poornam (a complete experience, a full moon) Fullness is accomplished when all levels of consciousness are achieved in conjunction.

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