Happy Beltane/May Day

The holiday celebrating things that delight our hearts and bodies

The Empress is the classic ruler of Beltane; she is Mother Nature incarnate. The images in the background delineate the “storied tradition“ of our ancestors, from the Venus of Laussel, to the throned Artemis of Catalhoyuk to Demeter-Ceres and the transformation mysteries of the grain (agriculture).

In her yoga for the body and meditation for the mind, the Priestess of Discs depicts A maternal garden of delights.

The Shaman of Discs shows the mature and more material side of Taurus - the one who can make money and work hard on the physical plane.

- excerpt taken from making ritual with Motherpeace cards


Peace & Harmony,

Jacqui Pepper


© 2020 Feng Shui By Jacqueline Albert Pepper