Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 🎋 Last card pull of the year and decade...new energy for 2020! Feng Shui Tarot by Peter Paul Connolly and Eileen Conolly. Black Tortoise * Ace (wands) Get ready for fresh beginnings. Could be a new career, way of life, or news from the family. Exciting possibility. Reversed, like my card was, impulsive decision could delay situation even more. Need to cultivate patience and focus your energy on the details. Focus, a great word for me. I have learned to redirect myself and focus on one detail at a time. A practice til this day for this Fire Horse who likes to keep moving. Patience, a constant theme for me in this lifetime. The time line of things are not in our control. Peace, Harmony & Health in the New Year. Jacqui 🌶


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