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Goa with Teacher Sashikala Ananth

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May 11th, 1999

I had a fun day today with the girls, Suzanne, Trudy & Helene. We’ve become good friends. Our group started out with yoga in the morning as we do each morning here with Sashikala, breakfast, then class, lunch break and beach, ahhhhh, in the afternoon, than back to class again. We all got showered after and went out to dinner because May 13th is Trudy’s birthday as well as my dog Simba, a Bernese Mt. dog, back in the States. I can’t wait to get home but I am looking forward to traveling to Agra at the end of my studies by myself to see the Taj Mahal. One day only in Mumbai and it wasn’t even a full day! We drove around in a taxi looking around and stopped at a few sites before heading to our hotel. We are sleeping in a depressing old hotel in Bombay, Mumbai, for one night as we make our way to Goa to study with Sashikala Ananth. We are now spoiled after staying at the Trident in Udaipur so most pale in comparison. Our trip got skewed (one of my favorite words) when we got stuck in the floods of Guilin and had to be rescued by the Army so ever since then we are off by a day. There were no plans to sleep here but now we are which means a bit less time in Goa. My last week with the study tour until I travel solo back to Delhi and then Agra for the Taj Mahal.

Suzanne, my roommate and friend, is trying to make me laugh!

Class Notes - Vaastu Shastra – Teacher Sashikala Ananth

Vaastu, or Vastu, was known as the – Vaastu Shilpa Shastra decades ago…an extremely old tradition. At least 16 known texts written in Sanskrit and local texts in different languages.

Vaastu meaning Architecture building – Shilpa meaning Sculpture human form

Vaastu- that which can be comprehended through the 5 senses

Sound is a Vaastu

Vaastu – means energy, object and energy

Vaas – to be, to reside, to stay

The combination of these two words is Vaastu.

If your body, mind & spirit are at rest (peace/harmony) nothing can influence it.

Pancha Bhoota – The spirit guardians – 5 elements – Fire, Air, Earth, Space, Water

108 is a very important number in Indian tradition.

Akasham – Space (Vaastu)

Kaala – Time (Vaastu) – Was a demon that walked backwards through the universe and created time that way…time became real.

Shakti – Energy (Vaastu)

Drawing of a Triangle with S on left lower corner, K on top of triangle and A on right lower corner with arrows expanding out from initials representing above energy encompassing Space & Time.

When A, K & S are in balance then Vaastu Shastra is working.

You design the space and layout to direct the energy, so it doesn’t become destructive…when you do this, you’re getting Vaastu.

Yoga – is accepting who are, where you are and move from there.

Once aware of your limitations you can move on.

Yoga and Vaastu go hand in hand, it is essential to do both in conjunction.

Everything is fullness…the concept of fullness is only a concept and relative to each.

Information is not necessarily knowledge and knowledge is not always wisdom

Four Levels of Consciousness

-Ja Grata – Awake

-Swapina - Dreaming State

-Turya* – Deep Sleep, Contemplative

-Dhyana* – Meditative

* Accessing the Collective unconscious.

Dharma – Means upholding and accountability

First Lesson of Yoga:

From below the neck to the pelvis is the main body – the arms, neck, leg and head are only there to assist you – The real work is with the main body – Spine, Lungs, Heart & Organs

Brahma Sutram = Access

Brahma Sthanan = Naval area of body

Brahma is the name always given to the highest God head, creator, space, for maximum energy – no walls or pillars placed in center.

When you have created the perfect center – Then out of that in a clockwise spiral – The design for the space forms.

Center source of energy – even in the body – hence the midriff shows in the Saaris.

Center is Sacred.

Vaastu was a Demon so the Heavens decided to anchor him on the Earth – 45 Deities to anchor him to the ground – Heaven is duplicated in the energy of the land. You want to release these energies to create harmony in Living.

Yoni = Female sexual organ, sexual compatibility…the same word is used for House.

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