Is there a possibility of a better life, and if so, how?



While studying with Dr. Jerry Epstein in 2000 at his American Institute for Mental Imagery, during a 2 year, 3 hour, weekly long class called CTR, an acronym for the first initial of the 3 top teachers and influences in Jerry’s life & teachings. I was introduced to one teacher in particular, Rhondell, and a book called The Science of Man – Notes on Personal Integration and Health. Here's an excerpt from his book. Enjoy!

Notes on Personal Integration of Health: by Rhondell – 1958 & 1989

Is it possible that lack of self-awareness of our world prevents humankind from enjoying life to the fullest extend? Is it possible that hu-man must have this self-awareness of his or her world and must not depend on someone else to tell him what he/she is and what to expect from the world he or she lives in?

Basic Propositions for inquiry and observation:

1. That in order for humans to have peace, happiness and well-being there must be an Understanding of Universal Law and its application to human; humans must be understood as an expression of Universal Law. This understanding of self must include complete understanding of his structure and function from the standpoint of biology, psychology, physiology and ecology.

2. All completed phenomena of the universe are expressions of law, including the present state of health of each individual.

3. Lack of observation and inquiry results in accepting suggestions which lead to misinformation and misconceptions – thus prejudices are preconceived opinions, which are a bar to understanding self. “We are 100% subject to suggestion, 100% of the time…these are not facts but suggestions.”

4. All completed phenomena have four interrelated factors, none of which can be called cause or effect.

5. Law can be expressed in one word – BALANCE. It takes four factors to establish Balance.

6. The action that is called life function is the sign of this balancing activity, which is called adaptation. It is always perfect for here and now without regard to whether it is desirable or undesirable to the usual human awareness.

7. This adaptation indicates the work of an intelligence of a very high order. Being an unknown factor, but one whose action can be observed, it can be called the biological factor or “X”.

8. Life function is the sign of the union of intelligence and matter, intelligence being in two phases – biological and psychological.

More to come on his teachings….

This is so connected to the Taoist principles that tie Feng Shui together...The balance of Heaven & Earth and Human - we create the energy to align ourselves with both for "Peace & Harmony."

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