Letting Go of Limitations, Exploring Boundaries

Last Day with Group & First Day, of the last week, of my 2 month journey - traveling alone

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May 15th, 1999 – LAST DAY in Goa with Teacher Sashikala Ananth studying Vastu Shastra

Well today was the last day of the tour and the class. It was good we ended class with a group share, and everyone had nice things to say about Sashikala and the trip and our leader Roger green. It was a nice moment. We all got ready and went back to the restaurant on the beach that we all walked to around 6:15 PM just in time for the sunset I got some great pictures and we all took some group shots. It was really great energy I've made some great friends we had a wonderful dinner while it rained and we watched lightning in the distance as well as heard some Thunder it stopped as quick as it started we had a nice dinner and a nice conversation then we all walked back to the hotel and went to the bar for a drink Sue was doing face analysis on Katherine and I went after it was pretty precise very interesting then Suzanne and I came back to the room of course her Schatzi called right when we walked in.

I'm writing in my Journal as she talks on the phone. Sashikala will be in Agra the same time as me so we have decided to get together when we are both there. Well tomorrow we all leave Goa and each go our separate ways to different destinations, it will be bittersweet. I am looking forward to moving on and traveling alone but will miss the friendships I've made.

May 16th, 1999 - 5:45 PM

Just arrived in my room at Taj Palace hotel in New Delhi. It was a bittersweet day I said goodbye to all my travel companions of the past six weeks I'll miss Suzanne most she's become a good friend I can't wait to go home by this point but one day in Delhi and two in Agra by myself should be nice I'm looking forward to the Taj Mahal very much I'm going at sunset Tuesday and sunrise Wednesday my train arrives back in Delhi at 9:00 PM and I just go straight to the airport it should be perfect timing then my flight is at midnight I'll be back in New York on Thursday at 4:45 PM I can't wait to talk to my friends and see my mom and dad and Simba I sat with a really nice man from France named Christophe he was very nice I met him at the Goa airport and he helped me all the way to Delhi until the tour guide picked me up I gave him my business card and said if he was in New York to call.

It's a great preparation for one day at a time this trip I need to really keep living in the present moment it takes practice so much changes happening when I get home it's very exciting one day at a time I'm trusting in the universe to do what's best for me in staying true to myself.


Class Notes from Last Day with Sashikala Ananth – Teacher of Vastu

Three theories to Indian culture

1.) Experience - taking place through your senses

2.) Faculties - become

3.) Instruments – manifested form

Northern Hemisphere Direction Meanings

NE. - Water, God, nurturance, direction of warrior, loving to friends and family and tough on those he does not love, enemies. sensuousness connected to the Crow

SE – Fire, spirituality, fire as the witness, messenger, center of activities in the home, the ability to come alive spiritually, connected to snake (I think my notes say snake LOL)

S - Direction of death, unless you understand death you can't live. One of the most powerful directions, the direction of the lion. South is only friendly with East. Spiritual rebirth.

E - Gets along with all directions

W - is friendly with North East and West

N - is friendly with East and West

SW - Is the location for space, or spirit of your forefathers, an important location, in the shadow of your past. connected to the dog

No corners of a home have entrances in Vaastu – Could be weakness

W - Lord of the waters, the rains, the oceans, adventure an excitement, innovative, creative, West direction of expansion. Connected to the bull

NW - Wealth, healing, volume, Lord of the wind, location of mind, intellectual achievement. Connected to the donkey

N - elephant, moon, wealth, material wealth, Lord of the herbs, healing, person who transforms, pleasure loving, hedonist, indulgence. Connected to the elephant

Center - is earth, leave center open, not too much activity here, no walls or pillars.

Rectangle is residence square is temple and offices you can combine forms.

Letting go of limitations but exploring boundaries!

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