Potala, Summer Palace of the Dalai Lama Lhasa, Tibet

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Potala Palace is a vast white and ochre fortress, a sight that has heralded the marvels of the holy city to travelers for 3 centuries. It is one of the wonders of Eastern Architecture. A short distance away on the west side of town is the important Gelungpa monasteries of Drepung and Sera Sect which are the largest in Tibet. In their heyday they were home to over 10,000 monks. We will also visit the Norbulingka, former Summer Palace of the Dalai Lamas.

Although we are staying in the top end accommodation at the Holiday Inn, we suggest an evening drink at the famous Backpackers, a Tibetan run Yak Hotel in the Barhor area. We may even get a chance to sing a few rounds of “Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door!” – From the study tour brochure.

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