Remembering Ourselves Into Wholeness

Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper

What does remember ourselves mean?

It essentially means coming back to life - re-membering. We see this in the vivid story from ancient Egypt, where Isis, the goddess of wisdom, remembers her husband, Osiris. As the god of the netherworld, Osiris, weighed souls of the dead to determine whether each soul would go. Osiris's brother, Seth, was so jealous of Osiris's power that he murdered his brother and then cut him into 14 pieces, burying them all over Egypt. When Isis learned of this, she scoured Egypt to find the pieces, and after collecting them, she put together all but one of them, restoring Osiris to life (In the Western Spiritual Tradition, the woman holds the key to love, which the man learns through her, and so becomes complete).

She Re-Membered him. She put his members back together, a process of cosmic reconstructive surgery. Because she recalled him whole, through an act of Re-Membering, both physical and mental, she brought him back to life.

During this time of Mercury In Retrograde it is a wonderful practice to go back and REMEMBER yourself. If health and wholeness are associated with remembering than it follows that illness is associated with forgetting.

Bring yourself back into WHOLENESS by remembering yourself.


Peace & Harmony,

Jacqui Pepper

Excerpts from above taken from "Kabbalah for Inner Peace" by Dr. Gerald Epstein my Teacher and Friend


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