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Updated: Aug 17

Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Living Rooms / Great Rooms

Many homes are moving away from formal living rooms and focused more on great rooms... either way both rooms should feel open, light and inviting. Act as though you are the Chi entering the room. Does it feel open? Does it flow and feel free? Is the seating set up in a way that allows for an inviting feel where people want to hang and stay for a while? These are all good aims when supporting the Feng shui of your living rooms, homes and offices.

Bring nature indoors like in this example with the windows reflecting outside....the energies and textures of elements help keep balance and harmony. Make sure that no energy is being blocked or overstuffed with items and furniture. When considering the intention of the room, which is unique & different for each family living there ... place the items and arrange the furniture with the intention you are setting. another words, if you want the room to be Yang and high energy use bright colors and place TV, Music and games in this area. If the intention is tranquility and reading place books and pillows with softer items and darker colors to create the Yin energy.

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