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Room by Room Tour 🎋🧧Feng Shui by Jacqueline Albert Pepper

Bedrooms are for rest and re-energizing your Chi after a long day so these rooms are best suited to be as Yin and quiet as possible. If a TV has to be in the bedroom use an Armoire with closed doors to hide it or other creative ideas for making it not predominate in the room or the first thing you see. For the main bedroom, this is the place where relationships flourish so keep the romance and the balance happening here the most. Make sure that both sides of the bed have matching/balanced nightstands and lamps, a balanced amount of pillows or personal items on each side when possible. This creates a balance between you and your mate and keeps the communication flowing to nurture the relationship. If there is any work out equipment or home offices in your bedroom, get them out of the master when possible or create a hidden area for them behind Sochi Screens or a creative way to obscure from view. Not making these corrections or cures in the bedroom can create conflicts of interest between the relationship and other things going on in your life. You can see this visually in the room when there are no boundaries. Modern day homes have bigger and bigger main bedrooms but this can create yang energy especially if you add mirrors, high ceilings and over-sized rooms. If that is the case Yin it up with darker paint tones and colors, more lamp/intimate lighting and creative ways to add romance and connection.

Mirrors should not be placed where they reflect the image of your body as you sleep. The thought behind this is, it can startle you in the night if you awake to see your image in the mirror, and it creates even more Yang energy where the Yin is needed. I have no mirrors in my bedroom; only the connecting bathroom where I make sure the door is closed at night when I sleep and certainly the toilet lid closed!... You don’t want to mix the energy of a bathroom, which is waste discarded, with the revitalizing Chi that is working to restore your energy while you sleep.

These are some general ideas to keep in mind. Your personalized BaZi, Four Pillars, Chart and Door Direction personalize the space for the family living there and give me the Five Element information I need to create the right energetic home or office for you.

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Peace & Harmony,

Jacqui Pepper

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