Soul-To-Sisterhood Video Chat w/Jamie Day

Look for my chapter in her upcoming book of the same name.

My video interview with Jamie Day of Soul-To-Sisterhood. Her book coming together with me featured as one of the chapters and Soul Sisters as well as an Oracle Card with my picture and mantras painted by Connie Buckler Gill.

<3 We ARE Feng Shui, Shaman, Healer Goddesses!

<3 We ARE the hologram for the Whole

<3 Heal Yourself, Heal the World

Above are some of the messages I have from the interactive chapter that other Goddesses like you will be able to read and see themselves in all of us and experience the energy of our stories through the meditative, workbook like pages you get to live it.

Thank you Jamie for having me and honoring my experience and life path with others.

Happy Birthday to ME a celebration of LIFE!

© 2020 Feng Shui By Jacqueline Albert Pepper