Welcome Metal Season

Chinese Astrology 10,000 Year Calendar

Happy First Day of Metal Season ~ Water 💦 Horse 🐴 Day. Kick off to my Birth Season; 8/7 - 11/7

If you were born between these dates your Birth Season is Metal also.

Metal is connected to:

⚙️West & North West

⚙️White & Silver

⚙️Autumn / Fall




⚙️Rooster(You) / Monkey(Shen)

⚙️Circle / Oval


⚙️Rhythmical Order

Enjoy this season of preparing before the Water / Winter seasons arrival. A time to get things in order and create a more structured schedule from the free flowing Fire Season of summer.

Look at the West and North West sectors of your home and make sure all is in order there. It’s helpful to breakdown decluttering and reenergizing Chi as each season comes but it doesn’t mean that’s the only time to check in.

For more on your Birth Season and Four Pillars, Ba Zi, chart contact me.

Peace & Harmony,

Jacqui Pepper 🌶

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