Wood Season, Feng Shui & You 🎋🧧

Most years from February 4th-May 5th

If born in the season of wood it plays a strong role in your natal chart.

Wood is the element connected to:

🎋long range planning

🎋decision making


Manhattan, the town I lived, worked & spent a lot of time in, is ruled by the element of wood. The shape is rectangular and the colors are dark greens, greens and light blues, like aquamarine.

Emotions are:



🎋romantic in love

When in an imbalanced state anger comes up.

Wood on the compass is connected to East & South East. Pay attention to these areas of your home and it’s the usual Feng Shui things:





those sections in your space.

Astrology & Feng Shui go hand in hand both relying on 5 elements. I won’t do Feng Shui without the astrology or you don’t get the good JuJu you deserve.

Peace and harmony,

Jacqui Pepper 🌶

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