"You"-Sunrise, Mid-day & Sunset at Taj Mahal

Poem written by me, Jacqueline Albert Pepper - May 1999

You nourish my soul and all that it needs. You complete me when I am not whole. You make me laugh when I am unhappy. You fill my desires when there is a void. You touch me just when I need comfort. You kiss me just when I'm feeling insecure. You embrace me when I need to be loved...

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You smile at me at just the right moment. You hold my hand when it needs to be held. You whisper just when it's getting too loud. You caress me just when I'm feeling uneasy. You heal me when I am sick. You feed me when I am hungry. You warm me when I am cold. You empower me when I cannot go on. You inspire me when I am uninspired...

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You are my yang when I am yin. You are my strength when I am weak. You are the light when I am dark. You are the shelter when I need a home. You are my air when I need to breathe. You are the river that carries my spirit. You are my bed when I need to rest. You are my life, you are my love, you are the one true thing.

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I've been a singer, songwriter and poet since I started talking...I was an early talker ; )

Peace & Harmony,

Jacqui Pepper


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