~ Teacher Tuesday ~


My first Teacher in Feng Shui, Raphael Simons, and The Feng Shui Arts Assoc. Class of 1999.

After discovering through imagery techniques of Zoe Avstreih & Dr. Jerry Epstein's that I wanted to change my career from Music Industry to Feng Shui Consultant (downsizing & mergers were common place in NYC & another happened after moving back to the area from LA) to work helping people heal themselves.

Raphael and I met at the Learning Annex in Manhattan December of 1997 where he was teaching a lecture on the subject and afterwards I approached him, OK cornered him, and said "How can I study Feng Shui with you?" He told me we would need at least 4 students and he might know of one, that's you Anita, I knew of another, shout out to Celia, and off we began meeting in Brooklyn every Tuesday night from March 1998 - March 1999. I made the commute from CT where I was living saving up for Feng Shui & Far East studies this career change was going to need. We learned to read, write & speak Chinese for Feng Shui purposes along with so many modalities of Classical Feng Shui....two plus hours each week. It was a great time learning and being together as a group. To this day Raphael, Anita, Celia and Linda are still my friends and I'm proud to say Raphael still a teacher and mentor. I thank and honor him and his time. Love and Light, Jacqui PS Linda you are an honorary student : )


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