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Updated: Apr 9

Rodger Green on the Left

Meet teacher Rodger Green, the Director of the Feng Shui Design Studio in Sydney, Australia, and at the time, Senior Faculty member of Several Feng Shui Schools. He has trained many students World Wide. We met in June of 1998 as I began my deeper studies in Feng Shui & immediately started studying as much Classical Feng Shui as I could with him while he was in the states. I am proud to have several certifications from his school. His teachings incorporating more than 8 principle approaches to use with clients and their spaces including Four Pillar Astrology. When I heard about his Far East Study tour happening the following Spring of 1999, with more than 5 countries and 10 plus teachers throughout the countries. I had an opportunity to go deeper with the integrity and principles under the tutelage of true Masters in their fields...I said "sign me up"!!! I worked 3 jobs to save up for such an incredible Journey, one I had been waiting for since I was young. I was not comfortable to be far away from home even when opportunities to sing and travel and then go away to college or camp came up back then. Now, I was ready and couldn't wait to do whatever it took to get there...I knew this trip would change my life forever.

When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears....<3

The Study tour would start on the 8th of April 1999. I knew if I was flying all that way, and my mother having been a solo world traveler, we started to plan my trip to travel by myself before and after the study tour. We booked Beijing for me to see not only the Great Wall of China BUT more importantly one of the Birth Places of Feng Shui the Ming Tombs and then bookend the FS study tour, which ended May 16th in India, and travel to the one and only Majestic, Taj Mahal! I was thrilled and nervous to be traveling by myself to such a far place in the world that I knew nothing about at the time...

excitement won out!

Join me as I take us back in time on my Journey to the Far East with more than a 1,000 pictures of more than 5 countries and 2 World Wonders....A Trip of a Lifetime and a Study for the Soul.

Peace & Harmony

Jacqui Pepper

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